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5 Revolutionary Ways to Start Living Tiny Right Now!

Big House, Tiny Home
Big House, Tiny Home

Living tiny is more about the attitude of living sustainably than the actual house itself. There are many people who have a sort of backwards mentality that say “Living tiny will allow me to do these things,” when they should start living tiny well before then. Others may believe that they can’t downsize because they have children and a family to take care of. If you wait to start living tiny, when the time comes you are ready to downsize, you are going to find it much more difficult to accommodate. So if you want to be ready, or even just see if you are able to live the tiny lifestyle, here are some ways to get started living tiny right now!


Ok, let’s be real, no one can get rid of everything. But you have to be honest with yourself. When you cut down your home to a tenth of its size, you are downsizing 90 percent. That means that you have to get rid of about 90 percent of everything you have. Now, of course you don’t want your home to look bare, but you should know EXACTLY what you are keeping and what is being donated, thrown out, or sold. Especially your clothes. Choose one rack in your closet and put everything that you are going to wear on it and no venturing away from it. I will bet you can do it and not even realize it. These are tough decisions and it is going to be really easy to say, “I still really like this shirt,”but you have to push through.

Get rid of any extra dishes. You can only eat from one plate and drink from one cup at a time. If you have a family, keep one plate, cup, bowl, and set of utensils for each member. Better yet, get rid of it all and buy BIODEGRADABLE plates and utensils. Keep a few cooking utensils like a good knife or a stirring spoon as well. You don’t need tons of pots and pans or a drawer full of measuring cups (unless you do a lot of baking). The number of dishes you’ll have to wash will be minimal and you can save a bit of water too. This may seem like a lot, but that is what it takes!

Tiny Home Builders

Move Into Your Living Room

Live in the LIVING room? What an insane idea! You can’t cook or go to the bathroom there, but everything else you do happens in there. Eating, sleeping, watching television, hanging out, storing clothes, etc. Living in a tiny house is about combining and eliminating wasted space. Your dining room is used for dining, your living room is used for lounging, and your bedroom is used for sleeping. Now you have to do that all in the same space. This is a brilliant test to see if you are in your spouse’s/family’s hair and how neat and clean you are. Because trust me, when you have to live in the same place where you sleep and eat, you will be cleaning up daily. Do you want to take this to the next level? Invite friends over for dinner and game night and keep the same rule! Now that is tiny living!

Shop More Often

In addition to having less space for clothes and belongings, you are going to have less space to store food. People who live in major city apartments may already be used to this, but for those of you that have a gigantic fridge and an extra freezer in the garage, you are going to freak. Take note of everything in your pantry and other food storages that has been in there longer than a month. Don’t throw it away because food waste is already a problem. Consider donating what you haven’t used or make meal plans to use it. Now, only use 20% of your cabinet space and 20% of your fridge and freezer. Maybe use less if you don’t have kids.

This means that you are going to have to stop shopping at bulk stores like Costco and you are going to only be able to keep staples and small snacks in the house. Try planning your meals a week at a time, then go and get the proteins and specialty foods the day of. Make sure you have left yourself the extra time to do so. And the extra money, because you can no longer buy things in bulk. But considering how much food that sits in the pantry or gets thrown away, you may actually be saving money.

Make The Leftover Space Useful

Well, since it’s there, it’s hard to just ignore the empty rooms in your house and it may seem just a waste of space. So what do you do with it? The mind’s the limit here! What have you always wanted to do but could never find the time or space for it? Dedicate it to being your art studio or a plant nursery. Make it your exercise room and get started on that new year’s revolution you always put off. It could be your meditation space, separated from all the problems of the world. My personal favorite though, would be just to rent it out to someone who could use it. The rent crisis is out of this world right now, and there could be one more person living tiny without having to build or buy property. Tiny homes are relatively cheap but still, not everyone can afford them. This could be a nice transition as they’re on their way to purchasing their own home.

Use Only One Bathroom

You’d probably want to choose the one with the shower in it. But less bathrooms means less places you have to clean. It also means less time to get ready in the morning if you’re sharing it with others. You might consider taking your showers the night before which could even allow you to have extra time to sleep!

Every one needs their space. Moving into such close quarters, even with members of your family can get a little crazy. If you do get stir crazy or on each others nerves, head outside. The fresh air will help you clear your head and breathe easier, it’s better for your health too. See? Living tiny can be really easy.

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