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Generate Your Own Water And Never Pay Another Water Bill: Zero Mass Water

zero mass water

Water from Air Technology

Zero Mass Water uses solar power to create free, collectible water from the air and a single system can produce enough drinking water for two or three people each day, even in desert conditions. By tapping into the unlimited supply of water vapor in the air, Source Hydropanels eliminate the waste of bottled and filtered water.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is a big deal. Our rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and seas are saturated in chemicals, waste, plastic, and other pollutants. 80 percent of the world’s wastewater is largely untreated and dumped back into the environment, creating unsafe water sources. Unsafe water kills more people each year than war and all other forms of violence combined. In fact, over 1 million child deaths occur each year because of contaminated drinking water.

Tiny Home Builders

How Free Water Works

The free water system works by blowing air, sucked from the outside, through a super-absorbent, sponge-like material, which collects water vapor at concentration levels 20,000 times higher than the air. The system produces 4-10 liters of pure water and stores it in a 30-liter reservoir where the exact amount of minerals are added to optimize it for taste and health. From there, the water is pumped directly to a household tap or refrigerator.

zero mass water free water technology

Cody Friesen, founder of The Zero Mass Water company launched the Source Hydropanel in late 2017 and has already installed systems in countries across the world including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jordan, and the Philippines.

Each of us has the responsibility to be stewards of our world. Something as simple as sharing knowledge can have a huge impact.

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