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5 Guided Meditations for Achieving Better Focus, Healing, Inner Peace, Clarity, and Oneness


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This download includes 5, easy to follow, guided meditation audios:

  • Meditation for Accelerated Healing
  • Meditation for Connecting with Your Higher Power
  • Meditation for Unleashing Your Potential
  • Meditation for Quieting the Mind
  • Meditation for Achieving Peace and Oneness

Over an hour of audio for you to enjoy, played over classical background violin and piano tones

Great for short, daily meditation practice


One of the most common problems people experience with meditation is the fact that they feel that they would be able to only do it when things are right. They feel that they have to feel a certain way. They think that certain conditions have to be present in their life for them to do this.

What you’re doing is just giving yourself excuses to not start. If you don’t even get yourself to start, you are failing. You’re not dealing with your stress, you’re not getting your life back, you’re not setting things in order as far as your mental peace and tranquility are concerned. You’re achieving nothing.

You might be thinking that you’re researching book after book about meditation, but what you’re really doing is you’re just giving yourself an excuse to not start. You have to understand that when it comes to any kind of profound personal change, our number one enemy is ourselves.

Use these 5 guided meditations to help you progress on your journey of personal growth and control over your life.

I wish you nothing but victory.


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